First article I found that I liked on blogging titled The Beauty of Blogging is actually for kids to learn blogging but I like to start as basic as I can get and work my way up. It goes over, very simply, the advantages of blogging and of course how it has changed the world. I think overall this article is great as a “okay what is blogging?” type question.

So my second article about blogs and RSS is very in-depth. I enjoyed this article because it went into detail about how learning in schools is changing due to blogs and RSS. It also went over what exactly RSS is and even explained how it is better than having information pulled to your email. When you use an aggregator it pulls true information about that topic and not spam like in emails. There is also links to schools that are starting to use blogs in everyday learning which I think is great! This article really does answer the “What’s It?” and “How To” of Powerful New Web Tools for Educators!

Last but not least my third article is strictly about RSS. It is definitely a great article to learn the advantages of using RSS as opposed to signing up for an email newsletter. Pretty much goes into more detail than the second article about using an aggregator and email means spam!

I found all the articles to be interesting and learning quite a bit from them. I have a better grasp on RSS which is good because I really didn’t before :). I hope everyone enjoys the articles as well!

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Web 2.0

So I found some pretty interesting articles/video that talked about Web 2.0. After reading/watching all the articles I believe I have a good grasp on the term.

The first site I came across was by Paul Graham, it is more negative about Web 2.0 but really gets the point across. It puts it in scenarios you can understand. It also gives quite a bit of information on google.

The second is by Tim O’ Reilly this article is a great source of information because it breaks things down for you with charts and even a meme map. Another great thing about this article is that it gives you pros and cons between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. Also on page 3 of the article it goes into detail about RSS which was helpful for me because I didn’t quite get it at first.  He also gives a lot of references to find out more information on Web 2.0 which is nice.

I am still searching for a third article, but will post as soon as I find one that I really like.

Overall I feel I have received many different points of view on Web 2.0. With this I have come to my own conclusion that it is exciting, but at the same time scary due to privacy and security concerns.

I am sorry my articles are late!

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